We aim to help clients on their journey of impact wherever it leads. To ensure this, we build partnerships with best-in-class service providers where we identify major client need outside of our service remit.

We know our clients on a personal level, not as a membership number”. At times of success, life is easy. At times of failure, you need your community to support you. Its at this point we inspire ideas, instill confidence and deliver strategy. This is a journey, and we are behind you all the way.


Services Concierge

Backed by the expertise and network of some of the largest and most dynamic financial and professional service firms in the UK, we help our clients answer some of life’s simple questions.


We exist to act as a tool for the ambitious.  We are growing an exclusive Membership of industry captains, artisans, sports people and entrepreneurs for whom wealth is the measure of a person’s capacity to impact.


Due to our ethos, we naturally focus on the end goal, influence and impressions for the people we serve.


Sound Counsel

Consistent with our beliefs – we aim to gain partners, not gather clients. Within a membership containing people with similar values, desires, and ambitions,

we know that there will be paths crossed and journeys revisited.


Therefore, using our range of services and associations, our objective is to travel with and assist you in achieving not just monetary goals, but your life’s work.


A support system that help bring our clients ideas to life through mentoring and networking we provide a solid foundation for profession and personal growth


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Copyright 2018   JH Flemmings Group

Life, is a blank book. All you have to do is fill the pages


Copyright 2018  JH Flemmings Group

Life is like a

blank book all you have to do is fill the pages